Animal Behavior Research Readers - Overview

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Ever feel lonely reading a research article? Do you crave colleagues to discuss, ask questions, and check your understanding of the study?

Animal Behavior Research Readers is a new guided reading group hosted by Behavior Works for animal professionals and behavior analysts who want to enhance their understanding of the application of the science of behavior change, with a focus on animal behavior.

Members will read research and other seminal articles related to hot topics in animal learning and attend monthly meetings to discuss each article with a community of professionals. Build your research review skills by receiving expert guidance and critical analysis from group facilitator Dr. Christy Alligood.

You are eligible for membership if you have taken any research methods course, including an undergraduate or graduate level college course, or Behavior Works’ How Research Works course.

Register a 3-month, membership for $120. Meetings are held once per month. Each three-month session will have a theme, with a focus on crossing species and scientific disciplines to broaden our learning.

Eligible for 3.5 BACB Learning CEUs per meeting.

March 23, April 20, and May 18 2023
4:00-6:00pm Mountain time

Theme: Discovering how operant and respondent contingencies interrelate.


  1. Operant-Respondent Interrelationships: The Biological Context of Conditioning (Pierce & Cheney, 2017)
  2. Improving In-Kennel Presentation of Shelter Dogs Through Response-Dependent and Response-Independent Treat Delivery (Protopopova & Wynne, 2015)
  3. Habituation and Desensitization as Methods for Reducing Fearful Behavior in Singly Housed Rhesus Macaques (Clay, Bloomsmith, Marr, & Maple, 2009)

For questions about eligibility or to register, please contact Dr. Christy Alligood.


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