Kid Works

  • Mealtimes with the Bredahl Family (Video)
    Documented by Mom, Wyatt and Dad develop and implement a successful mealtime intervention. The goal: To increase and expand Wyatt’s healthful food intake. The solution: Identifying mutual purpose and giving sons Wyatt and Colby more power and choice over mealtime behavior. Stunningly well done, Bredahl family!
  • Ella Color Toothbrush (Video)
    Many of you have seen me present a sequence of tooth brushing videos from zoos all around the world. Exotic animals of all species enthusiastically respond to the “brush” cue by holding their mouths open while trainers brush the animal’s teeth until the behavior is marked and followed with positive reinforcement. The final video in my presentation ends with a child struggling against her parent’s forced insertion of the toothbrush into the child’s mouth, by the out-of-breath parent who says, “…and it does work great if they’re in a chair where they’re strapped down… “ Point made: Trainers are changing the world with their skillful application of reinforcement-based, behavior change technology. Here’s a video that takes kid tooth brushing behavior to a whole new level! How many sound behavior change principles can you identify? Love you Ella!
  • Noah Dupuis and Perle (Video)
    It is with a happy, full heart that I introduce to you 5 year old Noah Dupuis who is not only our future in a generic sense, but also the future of behavior analysis. He has already made it a more beautiful world for his parrot and family. How proud I am to work with his mother Stephanie Cloutier from Montreal, Canada.
  • Heather Brook and Jessee (Video)
    My name is Heather Brook, and my best friend Jesse is currently 5 years old. He is a 5 year old, tri-color Jack Russell Terrier who loves adventure. Ever since I brought him home on my 16th birthday when he was 8 weeks old, we have been inseparable. We practically do everything together, and having a best buddy wanting to join in on any activity makes it that much more fun.    Click here to read more
  • Lea Artz Interviews the Roberts Family (Video)
    By Lea Artz
    See that funny lil kid below who wrote, "My Year of Living Dangerously"? Quite a difference a decade makes in the lives of our precious learners! My daughter Lea Artz produced this news package for about Shauna and Allen Robert's expert and compassionate care of their parrots. Together they managed to address some of the very most important points we as a community of science-based caregivers hope to disseminate. I hope you find the video as informative, influential and touching as I did.
  • The Bird Gazette.pdf
    By Brett Mozarsky
    Brett Mozarsky is 9 years old and is in the 4th grade at Westorchard Elementary School in Chappaqua, NY. In addition to his love of sports, drawing, and writing poetry, Brett loves all animals, but especially birds. He shares his bedroom with Quinn, a 2-year-old male Goffin’s cockatoo who adopted Brett 2 years ago. He also lives with Dale, a 12-year-old male pionus parrot. Brett’s other family members (brother Luke, Dad Peter, and mom, Laurie Hess, an avian veterinarian) all share Brett’s passion for birds.
  • My Year of Living Dangerously.pdf
    By Lea Artz
    Lea Ruth Artz, Susan's younger daughter, was 11-years-old when she wrote this story of her experiences with Mohali, our African Grey parrot. She is now finishing her journalism degree; her creativity and skill for reporting continues.
  • And Then She Was Gone.pdf
    By Margaret Artz
    Margaret Tanzman Artz, Susan's older daughter, was 14-years-old when she wrote this article about Veda, our Alexandrine parrot. Having spent the first years of her life in Lesotho, Africa, Marnie is headed to law school to pursue her commitment to international affairs.
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