Student Comments

I just have to say that Tuesday's class was incredible. So much insight and wisdom. I loved it all, but one part that really struck me was your anecdote about asking the bird to move a short distance toward you, after a vet procedure, to re-engage her sense of agency. So simple, yet essential. The entire topic of learned helplessness and ways to counteract it is such vital learning for us trainers. Your entire course is amazing. Really. I keep raving about it to colleagues. Last weekend, I taught a workshop near Boston and told everyone in attendance they'd be fools not to enroll next time!

Kathy Sdao, MA, ACAAB
Bright Spot Dog Training
Tacoma, WA

Listening to your lectures is a spiritual event for me, Susan. The positive, exciting, awe-filled feeling I experience when learning how behavior works really pumps me up. If I weren't agnostic, I would imagine it might be the same awareness I would get in a church. Thank you so much again and again for providing me and all others this learning experience.

Chris Shank, Dallas, OR

Taking Susan Friedman’s LLA course was refreshing, enlightening and motivating. She approached behavioral issues, which constitute a large portion of the average private veterinary practice, from a scientific basis and taught useful tools for the intervention of problem behaviors. Moving from anecdotal, anthropomorphic and assumptive interpretations about behavior to a scientific understanding of the function of behavior changed the way I approach companion animals, wild animals and even my staff!

Juli Ponder, DVM
Executive Director
The Raptor Center, College of Veterinary Medicine
University of Minnesota

Susan, I am extremely grateful you’ve taken the time and effort to teach others and move this concept forward in your way, and thankful I’ve been able to continue my learning through the course. It’s been exciting to have a structure and context to help organize so much of what I “felt” before and had read about/seen in working with institution animal trainers and some wonderful zoo and aquarium creatures. I wont say I’m going to turn around and suddenly apply this in all contexts in my life. That would be…too big a step. But it’s already started and is wonderful. I look forward to my continued learning and to sharing it with others.

Leigh Clayton, DVM
Department of Animal Health
National Aquarium, Baltimore

This course is an absolute must for anyone who is committed to achieving best practice in animal training and humane behaviour-change in the zoological world. The information disseminated by Dr. Friedman and the highly knowledgeable team of tutors constitutes a lifetime of research and practical application of the natural scientific principles that underpin behaviour. The clear and accessible way the complexity of animal behaviour and learning is presented makes it easy to digest and the consistency in the teaching method leaves you with a profound understanding of the subject.

The most important message I can offer potential students is this: In my role as Animal Training and Behaviour Officer at London Zoo I am responsible for helping zoo keepers provide the best practice in behaviour management for hundreds of mammals, birds, reptiles and fish. This course has given me the tools to be able to achieve this with far more confidence than before. Knowing that, used correctly and consistently, positive reinforcement training will succeed due to the scientific facts that shape the way animals learn, is very empowering to the trainer. I use something learnt on this course every single time I am training an animal or teaching a keeper to train. Significantly, the lessons on humane behaviour change through functional assessment and intervention are having a profound impact on the way we at ZSL look at so called problem behaviours, the management of which is such an important aspect of the life of the animals in our care. The way we address behaviour change is one of the most important criteria for animal welfare in the modern zoo and the work of Dr. Friedman has helped inform our policy here at ZSL. I would urge anyone with an interest in improving their training skills, anyone with a desire to enhance welfare through a greater understanding of behaviour, or anyone with an animal at home to take this course. You won’t regret it!

Jim Mackie
Animal Training and Behaviour Officer, London Zoo

Thank You Susan Friedman and Associates: A Personal Review of the BehaviorWorks Living and Learning with Animals Professional Course

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Eileen Anderson, BM, MM, MS.

Imagine if you had to choose a single teacher, and a single course, to learn about animal training? Susan Friedman and LLA would be my choice.

Karolina Westlund, PhD
ILLIS animal behaviour consulting

As we come up on an empty Thursday evening, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the amazing class! You and all of the co-instructors have been incredibly open and helpful, I was looking forward to the class every single week and the dialogue for each homework was incredibly helpful and one of the highlights of my week. The world would be a better place if even half the courses I've taken in the past had encouraged the same level of critical thinking and engagement you have. There's plenty of things I thought I knew that I either understand in a radically different way or at a much deeper level, and there are so many new ideas you've raised that I'm excited to dig into going forward!

With regards to the format for the course, I already mentioned the homework above, but in addition to my own being able to read other's homeworks was incredibly valuable: every week I learned something from a thread that ended up going in a different direction than mine did. I also don't know how much this was your intention, but when I had to miss a lecture and catch up afterwards, having to control the slides myself helped me stay way more engaged than I usually am just watching a video.

Thank you again for the wonderful class and I'll definitely be reaching out to audit another session at some point in the future!

Jonathan Pevarnek

I want to thank you for an absolutely wonderful class. I loved the format, query style, all the TA's and of course, your teaching. I learned a lot and am so grateful that I was able to take it. I am deeply inspired to continue on to things I didn't even think were possible.

Mindy Cook

Thank you so much for a wonderful class. I thoroughly enjoyed the material, the dialogue and the slides. Your TA's are so knowledgeable and are amazing communicators. I really took value from every facet of the course and work to be more thoughtful in my analysis of behavior with two-legged learners in addition to the four-legged learners. The later are the easier of the two for me, so I loved the example you and your helpers set for us.

Nora Moran

I just wanted to say Thank You again for such an incredible class. LLA has been an eye opener and a game changer for me. The entire program is so well thought out and attainable for newbies like myself to feel comfortable. I do not miss the racing heartbeat of years past.

I truly appreciate all of your hard work and being so willing to share your valuable knowledge.

I will look forward to auditing LLA in the future! In the meantime, I do not need CEU credits, but I am excited for the final certificate. It seems so silly to ask about a piece of paper, but I realize it is reinforcing. It's also a great cue for me to go back over the information when it isn't so clear in my mind.

Thank you, again!

Katie Paulson
Seattle, WA

I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I enjoyed LLA! This was the most amazing class, and I am so sad that it is over. Tuesday mornings became a time to have a chat with "friends" rather than a time to "sit through a class." You have a way of explaining things that makes them much easier to understand, and in turn I learned so much. I especially enjoyed the homework and final exam queries. Instead of focusing on just getting the right answer, we were able to focus on learning. I wish that my classes in college were taught this same way, I may have actually learned/retained more!

I would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in behavior!
Thanks again,

Kelly Pollard, MPH, CPBT-KA
National Aviary
Pittsburgh, Pa 15126

First of all, I wanted to express my immense gratitude to you and the TAs for the invaluable learning experience of LLA. This was the perfect blend of theory and practical tools to help us in our work with animals. The principles were presented so clearly and really helped me to gain a proper understanding of the concepts and how it all fits together, with the support of the homework and final exam (I have just submitted this…), along with a whole range of thought-provoking topics during office hours to investigate further. It wouldn’t be too much of an exaggeration to say that I am seeing the world somewhat differently now and it really finally puts into context the rather mind-blowing presentations at the time by Joe Layng and Julie Vargas that I saw at Woof! 2019.

Stephen Bell, The Dog House Rules, UK

I loved and enjoyed the LLA course. The best advice I've received from Carlos Calretas, and one of the greatest decisions I've made so far. All of the learning, all of the questions from the homeworks and from the TA's helped a lot. For me the best part was to learn that I've been asking the wrong questions and now, I have learned two very important questions (it's not why, it's what the function of the behavior; more than effective, it's necessary) and also to open more my mind (no labels) and to observe deeper to the animal, the environment and the behavior. This year I'll start to work with elephants and I am very excited to do all the work with the behavior science I've learned with LLA.

Hyan Aguiar e Silva, Portugal

Thank you Gee, and thank you to the whole team. The course has really helped "sharpen" my thinking and observational skills. It has shaped me to look at things in new ways with my own animals and with the people I work with. I've also been observing the awesome teaching style used by Susan and all of the TAs, and I've been taking notes on this master class in reinforcement and shaping of the learning process for humans. Just brilliant! THANK YOU!

I have so many new questions now...I wish this class could continue for another 8 weeks! My skills have sharpened, but I also realize how dull they were and what a long way I have to go to shape my own target behaviours :) But I am inspired to keep learning and I will most definitely audit the summer session. In the interim, my next step is to read through all of the recommended readings. I'm also going to take the time to actually DO functional analyses and write them down so I can critique them and tease out the cultural fog from the actual data.

Best, Christine Boisvert

This class has been an amazing learning experience for me. A special thank you to Susan for your lovely heartfelt instruction. I feel stronger in my ability to train human dog owners and their pets. In such a short time so much knowledge has been given. I will be reviewing and learning the information from this class again and again, more and more. Thank you for helping me see its beauty and value.

Maria Gielding-Uptown Doggy

I wanted to thank you for the fantastic course. Your lectures are absolutely priceless and the learning that happens through the homework assignments with the feedback and guidance of your brilliant and thoughtful TAs is unmatched.

I have gained a significant amount of knowledge from your course. In addition to giving my thoughts a direction, you have given me a tremendous amount to think through and research further. In the last couple of months I have ordered pretty much every book in your suggested reading list and am working my way through them. So when I need a second opinion I often run to Paul Chance first then try to decipher Skinner and then run over to Schneider to get her thoughts on the matter.

I truly can't thank you and your team enough for your hard work and genuine efforts to make this world a better place. I would be happy to be an auditor for your next course, so if you could please add me I would greatly appreciate it.

Best wishes,
Kamelia Miri, PhD

I think my biggest takeaway from your teaching was to question everything in the pursuit of the most humane interventions for our animals, even widely accepted best practice and advice from respected experts in my field. Thank you for sharing so generously your accumulated knowledge and your extraordinary gifts as a communicator and teacher.

Linda De Mento
LLA 2021

This class has been such a wonderful experience. I’d been introduced to many of the tools and concepts earlier in my training journey, but your course has brought a level of clarity and (dare I hope?) understanding that I hadn’t had before. It’s been enlightening to look at the interweavings of ABC “strings”, as well as functional assessments of trainer and learner both, and “operationalize” is no longer a bad word in my lexicon! One thing that has come through, throughout, is that these are tools and concepts to help us really see the learner in front of us, and to be respectful in our training.

Marnie Montgomery
LLA July 2021

Thank you so much for a spectacular course! I enjoyed it very much and definitely found many opportunities to fine tune my knowledge and skills. But most of all, I feel that being in this course helped me to become a better human, which is something I seek in every learning opportunity. Your TA's have all been engaging, thoughtful, patient and knowledgeable, and your teaching style, and genuine love for teaching, and for your learners, is amazing. Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience! This course has been on my bucket list for many years and it met all my expectations!

Christine Michaud
LLA July 2021

I also wanted to extend a thank you to yourself and all the wonderful TA’s I’ve been interacting with. You have been kind, thoughtful, inspiring, engaging and just all around wonderful in your teaching. I came in to LLA fully expecting to learn something new, to gain a greater depth of understanding about other principles and to have other things I thought I knew turned on its head. I didn’t expect to learn so many powerful life lessons about learning and coaching. In our first lesson you empowered us to make mistakes, you said learning is continuous. We are all learning all the time and we have the power to make that learning meaningful to us. When I make a mistake now I can hear myself thinking, “what did you learn?” And “how can you apply that learning to improve next time?”. Thank you for that. You also told us to absorb what we could at this stage in our learning and just let the rest flow by.

Rebekah Bentley
LLA July 2021

Thank you so much to the whole LLA team for your work on this course! This has been so valuable to me, not just professionally but personally as well. A fun little anecdote- when I was a child I desperately wanted to be able to talk to animals, and now I feel like I have the tools to fulfill little Ursula’s dreams, even if it’s not quite what she imagined ??

Ursula Huxtable
LLA July 2021

I wanted to say thank you again for the amazing learning opportunity these last weeks. LLA was absolutely full of eye opening opportunities to not only reframe familiar concepts but humbly and fantastically learn new and amazing things about the world of behavior analysis and behavior as a whole. I cannot tell you how much I valued and will continue to value your teaching style, your wisdom and your kindness. Learning to be more critical of myself in a way that allows me to not feel like a failure is something I have never known how to do, and this course shared that gift with the expert guidance of you and your co-instructors. Looking for constructive critical feedback is something I will now look for rather than shy away from.

Melissa Dallier
LLA July 2021

Hi All,

Thanks for including me in a really important and interesting issue — non-exclusive vs exclusive presentations.And, I appreciate the time you took to explain why people with no overhead keep asking me to present talks that are in a dozen libraries already!

I’ve wondered about this issue from the very first year (my Keynote talk was a barely reworked presentation I’d given to parrot companion audiences several times) but do think that what really brings it to a head now in COVID 2021 is the change in times, i.e., 1) we actually have terraformed a profession requiring education from what was largely a trade/guild; 2) the internet makes the number of presentations no longer as self-limiting (I can only travel to Europe, Australia and Asia so many times in a year whereas I can sit home and teach a webinar every day of the week), and 3) related to the rise of the internet, the audiences are no longer siloed by geography.

So an adjustment is needed on behalf of all the actors — all the relative golden geese, a metaphor that cuts both ways — because the conditions have changed.

Great success in all things must come from people able to see early-on that the conditions are changing and who then flexibly, creatively change what they do fast. I so admire that in the KP universe. Dinosaurs listen up!

I think it will be really easy to change titles and abstracts. The downside for presenters is when people complain that if they’d known it was essentially the same talk they heard last year at xx, they wouldn’t have attended this year at yy. We had that problem within Expos for one of my talks. There was a title change second year (that might have been when “sexy” was added, lol) and someone complained in the evals.

Other thoughts:

1) From a monetary and dissemination pov, I have often considered how much would it take for me to go exclusive with Click Expo and how that would decrease my ability to meet my dissemination goal. That answer will likely be a study of one. With the internet, the dissemination goal might be met without all the travel.

2) I mentioned that I always refer people back tom talks exclusively to the KP library (even though I know many of the talks could be found in other libraries. I dont offer that info defensively (because I dont feel defensive at all). I mention it because that is one way I enjoy giving back to KP in that way so all throughout LLA, where I don’t dive deeply into many tocos, I send the students wanting more to you.

How can that be better leveraged? Perhaps an agreement to use your logo on any repeated prez? The forest service require that whenever ski areas market granola bars, for example.

While I am so sad that LLA is over, I am just overjoyed with the whole experience. I wanted to thank you for your expertise and knowledge, but also for providing such a safe learning environment for your human learners. This was my first experience with the socratic/query format and it was such a fantastic way to explore and gain a deeper understanding of the content of the course. Experiencing this firsthand just puts a big exclamation point on having a dialogue with our animal learners and providing a safe learning environment for them. What a difference it makes.

Jenna Jenna Teti
CPDT-KA, PMCT-1, Fear Free Certified Trainer
Think Smart Dog Training LLC

I wanted to tell you in person how much I enjoyed the LLA. I’m so glad that I finally took part in this incredible experience. So many ways to learn in this perfectly organised class. Thank you for providing that incredible amount of information and the wonderful prep work you did for all of us in order to create a smooth teaching flow. I had a wonderful time with you and your TA’s (which handled the guidance through homework assignments with interpersonal grace and impeccably reinforcing communication) every Tuesday afternoon (in Vienna ^^).

Simone Gräbe

Thank you for sharing your knowledge so generously. The LLA course was a truly inspiring learning experience, in every way. I feel very fortunate to have been part of it, and part of the supportive learning environment that you and your team created. I hope there comes a time soon when every learning experience, for every being, everywhere, feels just like LLA! Thank you once again.

Nicole Kenning, 2020

Thank you for allowing me to take your LLA class. This was an incredible experience. I learned so much and perhaps even more exciting is that I learned how much more I have to discover, learn, and experience. I appreciated the soft Socratic method that we used with homework. It was very helpful to have a dialogue with the TAs and to have a different TA for each assignment. For those like myself who didn’t major in psych back in college, this was a glimpse into the technical/academic side of behavior and training – what a great glimpse you provided! Regarding auditing, please let me know what actions I need to take to audit your next class. I am interested in jumping again into the “waves of learning”. It’s not all that different than walking along the beach and spotting shells – each time the waves come through, I spot different shells that I’m interested in. Each week in class, I picked up different shells of information. I know I have a huge amount of shell picking to do so I’m hoping auditing will enable me to continue to do just that. I’m truly appreciative of having the opportunity to take your class and learn from you and the TAs.

Emily J Bink, 2020

Thank you for a truly wonderful course. It has given me some much to think and act upon and has been such a helpful way to reinvigorate my work! I appreciate not only the content, but also the way you model your concepts in your teaching style. Your generosity and respect for the subject matter and your students is consistently obvious, and much appreciated.

Michaela Greif, 2020

I just wanted to say a giant thank you to Susan and all the amazing instructors who do the queries with us. As a beginner trainer this was a difficult but empowering course for me, and I enjoyed every second of it! It was so well put together, and everything was described so clearly, from the lectures to the instructions on how to use all these formats. I am so excited to use all of this information on all the animals in my life but especially the rescue equines I work with.

Hannah Excel, 2020

I love this class - I have never experienced any class like this before. I am learning so much. I usually feel like I am struggling to learn every tiny bit I can but this class is approached so differently. I am learning it is ok for me not to completely understand every sentence that is said in the class - as long as I am still learning. I feel I am keeping up and loving every minute of this homework. This method helps me understand the material so much better than just answering a questions. I really love how nice everyone has been and how well the concepts are explained and modeled. I am very excited about learning and I will always have something new to learn … it that is ok!

Elizabeth Widmer, 2020

It is such a pleasure to learn from you and the TA's. You make everything interesting and as easy to understand as possible. More than that, though, you always challenge me just enough to encourage a glorious jump in my level of knowledge. When I learn for you, I basically live in the Zone of Proximal Development and it is just so enjoyable. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be your student.

Lindsay Walsh, 2020

It was your instructional style that I am already taking into my own classes, the well arranged sequence of events, the moderated rate and clarity of your voice-wow!!-especially the first day! Such an important lesson for me!! and your willingness to listen and encourage. Trained by facebook I am looking for the heart emoji! Great slides, your presentation of them, the opportunity to chat after class. I loved the Socratic method used with the homework. The immediate application of what you preach, we are all changing and learning, all the time. The TAs were so focused and their querying so gentle and yet required going deeper. I look forward to auditing next year. Thank you so much for such richness.

Alex Keir, 2020

Thank you for an enlightening, wonderful learning experience. Your TA's were fantastic as well, and the standard for true understanding was beyond any course I have taken in some time. It was the most important education I could have had at this moment in my career switch. Very grateful.

Tracy Vicente, 2020

First, a sincere thank you for your wonderful course. I initially signed up in order to refresh my knowledge of operant and classical conditioning from psych courses taken decades ago. I had no idea how much the discipline has changed since then and how many times throughout your course my mind was blown. I am excited about applying what I have learned to improving the well-being of my two parrots and three dogs. Once again, thank you so much for your brilliant course.

Susan Mangold, 2020

I love this course!!!!! Even being wrong is reinforcing because it gives me the opportunity to think harder and learn more. I feel as though I have been asleep all these years and you guys are now giving me the keys to understanding the universe. I have really enjoyed the morning lecture and the discussions with the teaching assistants. That's an amazing way to teach, and although the thought of it was confronting to begin with, the reality has been so supportive; I feel I have learned so much more than the traditional way where you are just marked right or wrong. I'm going to miss the course when we finish it, although you have taught me that the learning is never over. (And that it's okay to be wrong. How liberating that is.) Thank you so much.

Jennifer Edmonds, 2020.

I’ve taken online classes with a number of great universities and institutions over the years, but what you, Susan and all the TAs are doing is truly unique. The homework and interactive online learning process adds a whole new opportunity for the learner to expand in a positive environment. Although I’ve certainly had opportunities to ask questions in class group discussions in these courses, I have yet to experience the socratic method applied to homework. There is a familiarity that this builds that is really meaningful to the learner. I know it’s no small task to support us this way, and it is very much appreciated!

Tami Hechtel, 2020

I am LOVING the LLA course. One aspect I wanted to specifically call out is that of your fantastic teacher assistants (TAs). I am learning so much from watching their beautiful application of positive reinforcement. They model the technique with precision and compassion. Its truly a thing of beauty to read their responses and watch the gentle shaping that occurs. I find myself reading all the responses in my group just to see that aspect. Each TA has their own style, but the overall application is very similar. They all start with engagement. They reinforce the learner for correct responses... or reward the learner for venturing a response when confused, thus keeping it a safe place to be wrong, but still try again! They reward persistence. They gently give a hint to help the Learner, usually in the form of a question. All things I try to do with my dogs :-) I am loving being shaped to be concise and precise with my homework responses. I wish all my learning experiences could be like this. Most importantly, I am trying to learn the skill they are using on their human learners. I recognize the technique with my dog, but have never seen it so beautifully displayed with humans.

Carol Brown, Hailey Idaho

The course was amazing. I am seeing the world with new eyes and so grateful for it. Thank you!

Jennifer Thornburg, CPDT-KA

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the LLA course. I really benefited from it. It helped fill in a lot of “pin holes” as you called them, and the course was so well organized and executed. Every aspect had a purpose and the execution of each phase was spot on. Great teacher assistants too. It is a huge benefit to be able to access up to date information about one’s field and to do so while working in that field, i.e., not stopping or reducing your work load so you can “go back to school”. This course is a huge benefit to animal trainers everywhere!

Doug Duncan, MA, CTC, CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA
Doggy Business Dog Training

I cannot thank you and your teaching assistants enough for the terrific class this year! I love the way that you teach. You are very calm in explaining things and so very clear and to the point, with a great dose of humor that makes it fun too. I looked forward to each class and to every homework, ready to learn something new. Even when I thought I knew some topics, you took them more in depth and gave me a more complete and thorough understanding and showed me how to apply them in a much more efficient and helpful way for my clients and especially for their dogs. The questions that your teacher assistants asked when reviewing homework, helped me pinpoint things that I moved too quickly over or just needed to think about some more. They were so helpful!

Camille Asmer, CPDT-KA,
Sit, Stay, Play Dog Training

Thank you for an incredible class! Truly. It deepened my knowledge on so many different levels. The Socratic teaching method created a safe and engaging space to learn new concepts and expand my thinking - something I am not used to! If only everyone taught/communicated like that.

Juliana Willems KPA CTP, CPDT-KA

It was a life changing experience, it motivated me to learn more, it gave me the strength and confidence to talk about behavior from a scientific perspective, and moreover, it gave me the tools to analyze behavior and be a better trainer. Your work is beautiful, congratulations! You are a very special person, and your kind and generous way of sharing is reinforcing. I fell truly lucky to have made your acquaintance, it was an honor to participate in your class, and I hope to have a chance to meet you in person one day. Thank you very much for sharing so much knowledge and experience with us.

Ana Verissimo, CPDT-KA, Kong

Your class is truly awesome. I learned more than I ever thought. The information you gave will help me help dogs in Northeastern PA and I believe it should be required knowledge for anyone who claims to work on behavior.

Mary Perrego, CPDT-KA

Thanks, I would like to say that I enjoyed LLA but this is not the right word. Susan's insights and explanations are so inspiring. I've learned so much from this course. This was definitely one very important course in my carreer and I can only recommend it very strongly to anyone working with animals. Again, a warm thank you to this wonderful team.

Lucie Malouin, Certified Dog Trainer

Thank you - it feels good being pushed and learning more. This course is amazing and learning more and more about animal behavior I realize how sad it is that something like this is not included in vet school - how many terrifying situations we could make better for our friends, and also their guardians. It’s good to see that there seems to be some movement to fear free approaches in vet practices.

Julia Lomb, DVM (Germany)
PhD candidate
Animal Welfare Program, UBC
Vancouver, Canada

“...thank you again for your gift of time and knowledge. It has been a radical awakening.”

Suzy Richards, CA

One of the learning outcomes of LLA for me, that I had not anticipated going into the course, was that I learned, from your instructional style, some very important things about teaching (i.e. facilitating learning) that I am already taking into my own teaching...Everything fit together so well - the slides, your presentation of them, the opportunities for people to dialogue with you during and after the weekly webinars, the articles and the homework assignments. But beyond that, I loved the socratic method used with the homework process. The TAs were so sharp and their querying was very thought provoking. I have gotten exactly what I wanted to get out of the LLA course which was a deepened understanding of behavior analysis, an opportunity to retreat to a space where I could meet, greet, and dialogue with like-minded colleagues, and a sense of renewed curiosity and spirit for an area of study and practice that totally fascinates me.

Thanks for all your support and understanding. You are an amazing teacher!

Sarah Richardson, PhD, CPDT-KA, CDBC, CSAT

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you very much for a great course, I appreciate being able to take part and complete the Living and Learning with Animals. I have really enjoyed working with you and all the TA's over the last 8 weeks and receiving all the feedback. I have learned so much, I have a greater understanding and am looking forward to putting more into practice. It is a great course with which you pass on your experience, expertise and knowledge for which I am grateful for. The course offers great content and has a very positive environment.

Again, thank you very much and I hope that you will visit New Zealand again soon.

Kind regards

Anke Claessen

Explosive Detector Dog Handler
Aviation Security Service
Wellington International Airport

Thank you again for an incredible experience. Everything about this course was engaging and challenged me to take a look at material I had known for years in a fresh light. Both your lectures and the interaction with the Teaching Assistants were encouraging and enlightening. I will recommend this course to anyone who is serious about understanding animals and behaviour. I'm so glad that you are working with the IAABC and other organizations.

Eric Brad

I was thrilled to be able to attend one of your seminars and learned so much. It was truly life changing for me! I've worked to learn about dog behavior and training techniques during my adult life, but never had a framework that helped me put all the pieces. together like I do now. This approach also aligns with my values and will enable me to replace the outdated techniques I've been using and further enrich the lives of the dogs I work with which is a huge win for me!. Thank you for all you do to make our world a better place.

Cindy Colman

I just have to thank you for this class! I’m amazed by how much I’ve already learned and it’s just Week 3. I’ve realized, that despite training with R+ concepts, I have unintentionally created labels for my own pet dog- and in doing so, created a self-fulfilling prophecy for him. Realizing that I’ve done this has made me SO excited to continue working on solutions for what I used to call my “leash reactive” dog. Focusing on measurable behaviors in a scientific way has already made me feel less stress about this! It takes the mystery out of it, and I’m so thrilled for that realization! I can’t wait for class tonight!

Piper Leiper
Staff Biologist at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium

THANK YOU for a great seminar! I attended your workshop last weekend in Denmark. You are a brilliant speaker and a patient teacher. You make science beautiful. I have a Masters in Earth Sciences, but these days I work with dogs full time, so I really appreciate your approach. I like having my two worlds come together :-)

I enjoyed it so much, that I would like to attend the LLA Professional Course, modules 1 and 2 - I hope there is room for one more.

Have a nice weekend,

Kind regards
Theresa Zamastil, Denmark

I want to give a HUGE Thank You to all of you TAs for your generous and thoughtful help in guiding me through the many stumbling blocks I encountered throughout this course. For challenging my brain, my thoughts, my answers...For pushing me to think and understand the science behind what I am doing. I've taken a fair amount of "training" classes in how to train and listened to hours of lecture on the science, but this is the FIRST time I was made to really THINK about it and SHOW that I thought about it and CHALLENGED me to rethink many vague ideas that I had. To actually give me useful tools to modify behavior. I could train fairly well, but modifying unwanted behavior was NOT my forte and I shied away from that. Never more.....Thank you Susan Friedman for offering this class....just plain.....WOW!!

Jean Ragland, Retired Zoo Keeper

Dear Susan, I attended the 8 week online LLA Course in 2014. Since then it boosted progresses in my work with reactive dogs. More structure, better comprehension and insights leading to quicker and more precise zeroing in on the roots of the behavior. No more labels, no more meaningless and irrelevant descriptions, better questioning. Just to name a few consequences for me out of this course. A pleasant side effect is that this transgresses throughout everyday life besides dog training. We all behave. Thank you.I have been recommending it to several colleagues. I will be back as well.

Katrine Lismont

Thank you for allowing me to take this course with you. It has been a wonderful experience that I will recommend to anyone in a professional animal environment and, everyone in general. The service you provide by teaching us the science behind learning could not come at a better time when the animal world is transitioning into the voluntary behavior world. I have already applied so much of your course to my daily life, and not just with animals in our collection, but with people too!
Justin Eckelberry
Keeper II, Birds and Program Animals
Zoo Atlanta

I have done a few courses which included learning theory but I actually started to understand it on your course. With your amazing experience, videos and examples to back up the information it really brought it to life. It was lovely to work through examples using other species not just dogs. The tutors were really great at stretching the learning further. I will definitely be using ABC in the future. Thanks again for an amazing experience.

Melody Todd Dip. CABT

This course has been so enlightening for me and I have enjoyed every single minute of it. Your team are an amazing group of individuals. They are all so kind, knowledgeable and supportive and it was such fun to have a new person each week to bounce off of. I miss you all already! Thank you for flinging the door to “science” based learning wide open for me. I’ll never view anything quite the same again … and that is such a great perspective to have. I have enjoyed this course so much and can’t believe how much I have learned. From a science skeptic to a believer in good science ... I'm converted.

In appreciation,
Ellie Booth
New Zealand

I have taken a lot of courses in the past 12 years and I’ll be honest with you. I feel that the LLA course should be mandatory for all trainers - nothing else focuses the same attention on the learner and the environment as this course does. I feel like we took a deep breath and blew across an old textbook, and all the dust is swept aside to reveal all the answers to life. This is just so … cool. Thank you.

Caryn Charlie Liles, CPDT-KA, CSAT
The Toronto Centre for Canine Education

This is both a crowning achievement and a sad moment for me. I will leave with such a fundamental change in my way of thinking, so much reinforcement for ideas that I always knew were right but never had anyone say so, and a new certainty about my job that is priceless, for lack of a better word. But I don't want it to end! Thank you again for all of your help, and thank you again please to all of the other instructors! What a phenomenal course and style of learning you teach!!

John Stawicki

I so appreciate the opportunity to audit this course again - each time I come back to it, I learn & remember more & gain new insights. I can't tell you how much the course, and you, have informed my life & teaching in so many great ways! Thank you :-)

Linda Ryan (Roberts)
DipAVN (Medical) VTS (Oncology) KPA-CTP & Faculty RVN

I wanted to thank you for the work you are doing, introducing ABA to the dog training community. For years I meandered around the offerings of the industry, worried that I'd miss the latest protocol or method for dealing with behavior challenges. When I heard the simple, 3 word sentence "behavior is lawful" it was as though a veil was lifted. What I needed to do became clear, learn the laws and find people who are applying them when they train animals to teach me how to do it efficiently.

The short lecture you gave at one of the conferences was a game changer for me. Not a day goes by that I am not faced with a behavior modification challenge that I don't feel relieved to have the tools to sort out how to proceed humanely and effectively.

Thank you so much.

Debbie Jacobs

I thank you, form the bottom of my heart for allowing me to take the class again. It was a marvelous experience. Your training message is so refreshing. It has made me want to be the best trainer I can, for my clients, associates, and most of all their wonderful dogs.

Carrie Eicher
Academy of Dog Training & Agility
Newark, Delaware

I'm presently suffering through Thursday night Dr. Susan Friedman's voice withdrawal ('PLLAWS' - Post LLA Withdrawal Syndrome). Sad that the course is over…

Shannon Thier, CPDT-KA

A big thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in the LLA course. I was delighted to successfully complete the course and enjoyed the challenge.

I was really worried about the technical aspects at the beginning but all went well and instruction was really clear so it was smooth sailing all the way through. I took your advice but instead of red wine and chocolate I had a bowl of popcorn ready for each session so that I had a way of maintaining focus, eating one piece at a time.

The course content is fantastic and it was great to receive valuable feedback and guidance on topics that I haven’t formally studied in quite some time.

But surprisingly where I feel that this course has helped me the most is with my human clients. We of course are always preaching that we should be treating the human end of the leash with the same consideration as we do the dogs, and of course, I try to do this as best as I can. Considering the course content each week I found myself applying what we were working on to dealing with my current human clients. By taking their behaviour as just that, behaviour, rather than considering other non-observable speculations about their attitude and personality has really allowed me to objectively approach helping them with their dogs.

Your words “behaviour is what the animal does, not what the animal is” are so valuable when dealing with people who may not be doing everything as I wished but putting their behaviour, just their behaviour, in terms of ABC has allowed me to more clearly outline strategies to help them with their dog. Although there are further considerations I have found that this helps me to move forward in a much clearer and objective manner, really helping me to work cases with both ends of the leash, telling myself that it’s just behaviour and don’t take it personally.

All in all it’s been fabulous to do the course and immerse in studying learning, applying that every day with different species and in different ways.

Anne Rogers, AniEd, Ireland

I want express to you how much I enjoyed your course. I found it both challenging and enlightening. I love the gentle manner in which you are able to expand our minds and our beliefs. If it was a perfect world your course would be a requirement for every educator & student in all areas of study!

Liz Maslow, CPDT

Even though there is one more week of lectures and queries from the final exam, I already am feeling bereft knowing that I soon will not be able to listen to your incredibly kind voice. This course is truly exceptional -- you have imparted not just well-organized and beautifully presented material, but also your very special point of view in which every word you say demonstrates your respect for all living beings. I am so going to miss you. I cannot thank you enough for such an amazing educational experience!

All the best,
Bonnie Burman, Ph.D.

This has been quite a journey for me. While I thought I knew much of this before, my knowledge was a mere skim across the skin of it. As Heraclitus so wisely said, you can never step in the same river twice. And I feel like I am stepping into this one for the very first time. What a spectacular experience! Thank you so much.

Lesley Catterall

Thank you so much for everything. I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and I am actually sad that it is over. ABA started as an interest but has now become a part of my life. I can not imagine not thinking through every interaction with my clients' animals (and even my own) and how I am able to make improvements as a veterinarian. I have yet so much to learn but I now have basic knowledge behind it. I know my animals are already very happy that I met you at the course in New Zealand where you inspired me hugely. I hope I will have the opportunity to meet you again someday and until then, I wish you and you team well. Many thanks again!

Yours Sincerely,
Patricia Pape-­-Domensino, DVM

My life was awesome - then I heard you speak at the 2012 ABMA Conference and everything made (more) sense. Your inimitable combination of communication and truth really was “EUREKA!” for me. You have rocked my world, Susan – and the ripples are amazing! Thank you.

Barbara Bingham Deutscher, CPBC, CPBT-KA
Harmony Animal Behavior

Whilst I am a Mental Health Counsellor and familiar with Applied Behaviour Analysis, thank you for introducing ABA to the bird community as well. Since meeting you, I thought “‘finally, someone who confirms that birds are highly intelligent and they need to be treated accordingly!’ Your LLA course is highly detailed and professional and your teaching style is of the highest standard. It was not just teaching me about observing bird behaviour but about my awereness of how my behaviour impacts upon the bird’s behaviour also. I tell my clients: what did you just do, right before the bird reacted? That’s the key! And it’s amazing that ABA is also being applied to people in all professional fields, with adults and children e.g. autism also. So my parrots and I thank you sincerely and we are ever so grateful for your insightful, scientific teachings into bird behaviour! ABA must be taught more in Australia!

Paris Yves
Bird Behaviourist and Counsellor
Melbourne Australia

I wanted to thank you for such an amazing learning opportunity. The course has expanded my mind, it has changed my thinking process and will make a difference in my application and approach to teaching and learning with animals. So from me, our dolphins and the future animals that come into my life, I thank you very much!

Best Regards
Katie Rice
Manager, Marine Animals
Dolphin Quest Hawaii

I really wanted to write you a quick personal note of thanks. When you were out for your Essential Communication Skills workshops I was lucky enough to be working one of those days and got to attend one session. During that session you talked a little about children and how they are taught what all their senses are for, but not the purpose of their behavior. As someone who loves behavior and is now primarily using that through the lens of parenting it was a huge "ah-ha" moment. It really altered the way that I interacted with my 2-year-old daughter.

I have always tried to be aware and proactive in setting antecedents and consequences for my daughter but had totally neglected the fact that I could verbally help her connect with her behavior and its consequences. That insight from you has really improved our ability to communicate with each other and has even started to bleed over into how some of the other moms in our play group interact with their children.

Megan Sanders

Differential reinforcement of alternative and incompatible behavior, matching law, fair pairs, competing behaviors, continuous reinforcement for strong behaviors vs persistent behavior, and most precious, your definition of how to operationalize a relationship, "The History of Reinforcement between two individuals…"

You opened a window, or a door, looked at what was there, explained it and put it in order in a way that I see so clearly! It makes total sense, and if I have a long way to go before I integrate all of this, at least I am no longer in the ‘fog’ trying to catch a ray of light.

Marie France Langlois.

It is always a pleasure to learn from someone who understands the information to such a level that conveying the information seems effortless. There is obviously a lot of effort put into the teaching content and lesson design of the course. The response- query aspects of the homework were especially engaging for me. While the information was not at all new to me, regardless of how well one knows the information being presented, there is always more to discuss. In this way, every homework assignment became tailored to the individual and it was really just a lot of fun being able to have meaningful lesson discussions with others who understand the material so well.

Vincent Chiu
Dip CBST, Ithaca Dog Works
Co-founder/ behavior director of Double Happiness Foundation, Inc.

It is a hallmark of a great learning experience that it forever shapes how we view our work. Filtering behavioral info for constructs is now a part of my thought process. Thanks so much to you and your staff for sharing your insights with all of us.

Barbara Miller, CPDT-KA, KPA CTP
Brookside Pet Concierge

“What a wonderful learning environment. I wouldn’t have thought it possible to have a large class from all over the world be such an intimate and nurturing learning experience. Through the phone conferences, hands on teacher assistants and the Socratic method teaching style Susan offers a warm, inviting, welcoming learning environment. I recommend to all professionals that want to hone their skills and learn new ones to enroll in this first-class, cutting edge course.

Russell Hartstein CPDT-KA
Fun Paw Care, Miami Dog Training

This whole course has been very reinforcing for me. Every Thursday is better than the last one and after every class begins that long wait for the next one. I love your classes and the way you and your T.A.s teach us to be better trainers. By getting in touch with your methods I'm also learning how to better interact with my colleagues at work, opening room for a lot more learning and improved team work.

Carlos Calretas
Zoomarine, Portugal

Thank you very much Dr. Friedman for admitting into the course again, I look forward to it. I learned so much the first time around and I'm sure that I'll learn even more this time - I have used so much of the course in my work this last year and can honestly say that I now look at all behavior from the dog's view point with the ABC model being my first behavior tool that I 'reach' for when dealing with behavior issues and it has made the process so much simpler for me when solving problems. :)
I look forward to going back to school with you in the fall!

Thank you again,
Rose Browne

I participated in your San Diego seminar earlier this year, and a day does not go by that I don't think of you and the information that you shared. I hope to be able to do another class with you soon. I'm sure that many people have said this to you, but I'll just join the chorus and say that you should do a TED talk! You could reach so many more people with your important message. It's life changing and world changing.
Thank you for sharing it.

Best regards,
Betsy Calkins, BS, CPDT-KA
The Educated Dog

Since taking the telecourse, my ability to understand and communicate effectively with both my son, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, and my parrots, has completely turned around. It is as if a light has been turned on. I have a new way of looking at situations. I highly recommend this telecourse to everyone that is interested in learning -- not just animal owners. I plan to take the course again and again. I have become a behavior nut.

Ian Sprague
Meika's Birdhouse Ltd., Alberta

I just wanted to say, a couple months out, how much I am appreciating what I learned in LLA. It's made my assessment process more efficient and my training plans sharper. It's also helped me formulate better explanations for those plans. Understanding the why helps me, and the dog owners I work with, better understand the how. Science doesn't have to be impenetrable--you can actually use it! I look forward to sitting in again next year.

Kiki Yablon, KPA CTP
(773) 639-2275

Most times, I can come up with suggestions for improving a course...this was so near perfect....I don't know how it could be made better!

Terry VanHook

I was amazed that an online course could be so personal and effective…You are the cutting edge of this field, but really you are creating the cutting edge. Not only did I learn a lot, I felt like I was in the "village"…and it was a great experience.

Dody Schwartz, LCSW

The side effect of repeated exposure to your program, staff and your direction is helping me to build my vocabulary and back up my stance with science and compassion. I’m less confrontational and more instructive in my answers. Double good whammy!

Total Teamwork Training LLC

I can't tell you how empowering this course has been for me. It has transformed at a fundamental level how I look at and care for our animals. The clear, structured way you present the science has given me the clarity I have been searching for. Thanks again for everything!

Mike Billington
Interpretive Naturalist
The Raptor Center

I've learned so much. I have never had such an immediate sense of change in myself, ever, with any class I have ever taken. I really can't thank you enough.

Melina Peters
Forest Preserve District of Cook County, Illinois

I want to thank you for the huge impact you've already had on my work. While not all of the information in the LLA course is brand new to me, I'm beginning to think about it and apply it in new ways. This is so exhilarating. My clients and their dogs are already benefiting. Yes, I've had success like this before. But, it's never been quite this rapid nor has it been evident in all my cases. You have me on top of the world. I wrote this short piece about Tad today. It's strongly influenced by what I've been learning from you in LLA.

Michael Baugh CPDT-KA, CDBC

I am so loving this course and the different people I get to interact with. I swear that I have learned more about Behavior Analysis through this course then during most of my years of study in the field. There is just something about this context that is so refreshing and I absolutely love the plain english approach- pretty rare in the human services industry.

Kevin Cauley
Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Toronto

There is truly a world full of people out there who love parrots, want to learn about behavior (the fundamentals of which are applicable across species), and who have no idea where to turn. I was one of these people. Luckily, I stumbled across Living & Learning with Parrots (LLP), Dr. Susan Friedman's course. This course is truly worth the wait, because it is worth its weight in gold. Without even knowing it, I was able to apply the lectures to a couple of, shall I call them, problems, I was having with my birds.

Stacey Weise

"...we got more out of your class than we did throughout all of our higher education courses at college."

Joan Hunter Mayer, CTC, CPDT-KA
Certified Professional Dog Trainer

"I took LLA for the first time in 2008 and it was amazing. I am an animal behaviorist that does in-home training and always looking to deepen my knowledge. This class does that every time. "

Heather Mohan-Gibbons, MS
Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT)
Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT)
Associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist (ACAAB)

No matter whether you are a dog sport enthusiast, professional trainer, or serious hobby trainer, the opportunity to learn from Dr. Susan Friedman will be invaluable. Understanding behavior is fundamental to any successful training program. You can save a tremendous amount of training time when you understand the behavior fundamentals that Dr. Friedman teaches you. I give her my highest recommendation.

Angelica Steinker, M.Ed., PDBC, CDBC, NADOI Endorsed, CAP2
Courteous Canine, Inc. Lutz, FL USA
No Force, Just Fun!
List Owner: Animals Learning Concepts and Hearing Challenged Dog Sports
Author of "Agility Success and Click and Play Agility"

By being able to work on just the Classic and Operant formats of learning, I am becoming aware that I am doing some things correctly and there are other areas where I can make adjustments to become more effective. By using other species (parrots, etc.) I was able to make more objective observations. "What did you see!" Thank you so much for taking time to work with us.

Bob Hammesfahr, CPDT-KA, CDBC
Behavior Training for Dogs
Atlantic Beach, Florida

I wanted to thank you for your seminar at Courteous Canine. You showed me a different way to approach learning theory and I feel I have I have a better grasp....still want to dive deeper so I will check out your on line class. You created such a open environment in which to learn. You are incredibly knowledgeable and have a talent to not only teach but reach people and cultivate a deeper understanding of behavior!

Thanks and Woof,

Ann Farmer, CPDT, CAP 2, PDBC
Courteous Canine, Inc.
No Force, Just Fun!

I want to thank you all very much for your comments and thank you all for the learning experience! I learned a lot extra for my own animals, for the animals of my clients and for the handling of my patients AND last but certainly not least: I learned a lot about how I am going to change behavior in our practice. I am going to teach all my personal to act in a different way to each other, the clients and the patients!! We are going to have so much more fun!!!

Thank you all for that!!

Yours truly,

Marco te Loo, DVM
Dier en Zorgcentrum den Haag
The Netherlands

On a practical basis, what LLA has given me as an avian veterinarian: For a couple of years we had at our clinic offered our clients an "avian obedience course" according to the AAV-material from the late 1990s. However, it felt outdated and frustrating not to be able to offer something better. After learning about Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) we have changed our concept totally, and are now offering "avian training courses," primarily to new bird owners, to help them get a good fresh start with their birds. So far this has been a tremendous success! I always hear Susan¹s voice telling about the least intrusive, most positive way in doing things. The only drawback of learning about LLA and ABA is that it I¹m completely engulfed in it now. Instead of reading my veterinary textbooks and journals, I spend all free time learning more about behaviour and training!

Gunnel Anderson, DVM
Djurkliniken Roslagstull
Stockholm, Sweden

I had heard about Susan Friedman’s Living and Learning with Animals course at an AAV lecture in 2003. I had felt as an avian veterinarian that giving behavior advice was difficult. After taking the course I could see that a scientifically based study of behavior was so important. Previous behavior classes I had attended were presented from a speaker’s experiences. There were never any basics that I could go back to. This class really opened my eyes to the A,B,C’s of behavior. It makes such good sense. Those of you who were able to attend Dr. Friedman’s talk at the 2006 AAV conference understand what I’m saying. ANYONE who is involved with birds would benefit greatly form the course.

Vicki Schulz, DVM
South Hyland Pet Hospital
Bloomington, MN

My personal and professional life changed for the better when I took Dr. Susan Friedman's online LLA course. I gained a completely different perspective as I learned the principles of positive reinforcement. My parrot, other pets, family, friends, patients, clients and staff have reaped the benefits. And me? The big reinforcer for me is having lots of fun seeing others learn from what I have been taught. I highly recommend LLA for ALL veterinary professionals, great and small!

Ellen K. Cook, DVM
Cicero Veterinary Clinic

I love the way the class works - it's like they've taken what they've learned in dealing with parrots and applied it to the students. Lots of positive reinforcement and guiding us to the behaviour, erm I mean answer, they want us to glean from their questions.

Ailsa in California

Susan Friedman's LLA course was excellent at explaining the fundamentals of functional behavior analysis and assessment using parrots as the object of study. Working with winged animals that can fly away at will and cannot be controlled by leashes, collars or head halters presents an incredible training challenge. If you want to have an even better understanding about the application of behavior analysis and assessment then don't miss this course.

Wendy Van Kerkhove
Fresh Air Training, LLC

Susan, I just wanted to let you know that I used what I learned in this class for my job. I am a market research manager and I have a marketing specialist that needed some help changing a behavior he had that was negatively affecting his team. I completed an analysis for him and he really benefited from this. I was so excited and I see a change in him and how his team is reacting to him. It works on more than just birds!! (and sometimes quickly for humans :-) Thank you for all your lessons!!!

Lindsay Farley

As a graduate of the LLA course I can tell you that it was an incredible learning experience for me and a personal highlight in my life; I am proud to have earned my certificate, but am even happier to have had the opportunity to learn from Dr. Susan Friedman, whom I admire and respect so very much. I encourage you to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and sign up now – I wouldn’t miss it for the world!

Kim Lutz
Kim’s Canines LLC

The class was really helpful to me, because I had such a poor background in training. My only real training experience was in the old established dog obedience classes - yank them by a choke chain until their eyes bulge out kind of stuff. My bird mentor was a lady that I worked for in a pet shop, and who I later figured out should not even be allowed to VISIT birds, let alone OWN them. I got all the wrong advice from all the wrong people - time out for a misbehaving parrot meant 15 minutes alone in the bath tub (no water), that sort of thing. I hang my head in shame. This class has been such an eye opener for me, and I really meant the comment I made a while back about it making me feel free. I'm free to be nice to my birds, even when they don't "get it", and I'm free from having to "punish" them. And I'm free from having to try and figure out what they are thinking - I don't have to *know* what they're thinking! All I have to do is observe what they're doing!

Helen "Stormie" Egeland

May I say that you are a phenomenal person and lecturer - I have taken many courses in my time and I have never been so glued to my seat, learning, laughing and empathizing with every part of my being for such long periods of time - thank you for such a wonderful weekend and learning opportunity! You will be happy to know that I am applying the ABCs to my two macaws with fabulous results - they are blossoming as we speak - thank you and do take care!

Helen Swim
Director, Marketing and Sales
First Ontario Fund

The difference in my life since taking the class is remarkable. And there is no turning back. There are many people who have influenced me throughout my life but nothing quit as thought provoking or life altering as LLA. It is not something that comes to me naturally as it does for some of you, but now that I have the awareness, it it is something I truly treasure and value. It is my sincere hope that I use this knowledge to the benefit of all creatures I come in contact with and make the time you have spent with me worthwhile.

Terry Clare

Just wanted to let you know how wonderful the Susan Friedman seminar was. Susan Friedman is a wonderful teacher and presenter. I found her info is not only useful in working with birds, but also in my career as a social worker. Susan empowered me by her seminar. Bring her back! Leah, you always do such a great job with educating us about birds. I have learned so much from you and your volunteers.

Judy R.

I wanted to take a moment and extend my gratitude & compliment on a well organized 2 day seminar with Susan Friedman. I have been a member since July 26, 2009, and have attended one workshop in addition to the seminar. The members of PEAC are so friendly and welcoming. I was slightly hesitant on attending the Friedman seminar, but after meeting everyone, I felt at home. I learned so much from the presentation which I am currently applying towards my pets, family and workplace. I look forward to future workshops/seminars and becoming more of a hands-on volunteer of PEAC.

Angel S.

“Thank you for the opportunity to improve the quality of life for my birds.”

Shelley N.

What a great weekend! What an amazing woman Susan is!!! There were so many wonderful ‘pearls’ she shared, so many ‘ah ha’ moments. It certainly sparked lots of conversation between Dale and me about not just parrots, but dogs, cats and both our first loves, horses. Dale of course totally analyzed how I delivered the cat’s food all wrong Saturday night with the techniques he had just learned. Thank you for ALL you do to help us all be better caregivers and people in general. What you do IS GREATLY APPRECIATED!

Carolyn P.

Please keep up this tremendous work - all persons owning pets no matter what species should acquire this kind of knowledge. Maybe then we would have less abondoned and rehoming of pets. I thank you again and remain eternally indebted to you all.

Lauraine Wilson

Hello! I just want to thank all of you who have done an absolutely fantastic job of running this course. I have learned more than I ever expected to, and am already applying this new knowledge in working with my parrot as well as with my own children. Truly, Hats Off to all of you, who have been informative and inspirational and always cheerful and helpful. Many Thanks!

Warmest regards,
Gabriele Sponheimer

I want to thank you all for guiding me, and all of us, through this experience in learning. I am becoming a much better observer and developing skills to more clearly and effectively communicate with my companion parrot. Some of the realizations have been painful as I see many mistakes or unwanted messages that are woven into the fabric of our interactions. The good news is that there is now hope for positive change. You all have truly been models of using positive reinforcement when ever possible. I can see that it is not necessarily the most expedient way of getting things done but surly feels good from this side of the equation. Again; Many Thanks

Cathy Eising

Thank you so very much for your time and guidance as we worked through all of the lectures. What I have learned has been invaluable and I appreciate very much all the effort that is put forth to provide the opportunity for learning. I can see the applications of the material are so much greater than just trying to alter unwanted behavior, I cannot thank all of you enough.

Ann Guepe

This course is by far one of the best courses I have ever taken. The help we received and personal attention to our questions and homework assignments was top notch, and the patience with us to be sure that we really understood the concepts and material was unmatched. Nowhere have I learned so much that is so applicable to my life, in such a short amount of time. I am so sorry that it has ended now. I now have many new tools that I can use in my communication with Picasso, and I am excited and determined to use them to the benefit of us both!

Pam Price

Susan is who I give credit for my new approach to pet ownership. Susan’s mantra is if you change an environment for success, animals learn to behave successfully. What has been so wonderful for me since I began studying with Susan several years ago is how my relationship with my birds has improved dramatically and how eager they’ve become to learn. Without any use of force or dominance, I have successfully modified behaviors and empowered them to be better students. And, as Susan would say, an empowered animal is a healthy animal.

Lisa Desatnik, Ohio

I have a new foster dog (came from a home with 175 Labs in it - unbelievable) who has many issues, one of which is lunging and trying to run at other dogs in order to play (I think!). I was thinking about this the other day in my head saying "Man! I wish she wouldn't do that!! How can I get her to stop it??" And my brain went "Well what do you want her TO do?" AHA! (that was Susan talking in my head, wasn't it?) and then "What is she doing now that most closely approximates our end goal" next AHA. A shaping plan of course. It's just so very cool. Thank you and this dog thanks you too.

Leslie Mapes
Chagrin Falls, Ohio

The course content covered a lot of ground and was well-explained so was understood easily. The use of examples was particularly helpful. Working on the homework assignments made it real. The overall quality of the TA’s was excellent. They: Were knowledgeable: Were personable – I always felt I had a ‘friendly’ presence working with me: Helped me learn by making me think things through for myself rather than just giving me the answer/solution: Forced me to think in depth and outside of my ‘box’ so that I could see interactions in a new light. I could feel the passion and caring of all those involved with this course. I learned a great deal in this course but realize it is just the beginning. It has already changed, for the better, my life with my companion parrots.

Carol Battista

Thank You for making this course an unforgettable experience to me!!! I think LPP is the most useful thing I have done in the net so far. I have learned so much, so many things - most important: a new and wider way of seeing and thinking. I will surely apply everything I got here - with my ekkies, with my family, collegues and especially I will use this new knowledge to reinforce myself and modify my own behavior... :D

Kirsi Kokoi

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