Career Connections

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Career Connections

Behavior Analysts

Do you need help weaving together your education and experience in behavior analysis with your interest in animal behavior?

Whether you are just starting to explore career possibilities or looking for individualized coaching or mentorship, we can help.

Animal Professionals

Are you looking for guidance on next steps in your animal behavior education or career journey?

Design your future...

Career Connections
Introductory Webinar

Focuses on areas of overlap and divergence between
applied animal behavior and other areas of behavior analysis, and careers for behavior analysts who want to work with animals.

Individual Career/Education Consultation

1-1 conversation focused on career and/or educational guidance targeted to your individual goals and circumstances.

Mentoring or Supervison

Individualized packages available upon request.

Why  ?

As doctoral-level behavior analysts with a long history of work in the area of applied animal behavior analysis, Drs Alligood and Friedman are uniquely qualified to advise behavior analysts aspiring to transition their careers to animal work. Click on the photos to learn more about our specific qualifications.

Dr. Christy Alligood

Christy Alligood,

Susan Friedman,

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