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Megan Sanders is in her 15th year of teaching for the Zoo Keeping Technology Degree Program at Pikes Peak Community College. During her time here she has developed curriculum and instructed courses including Introduction to Animal Training, Animal Training Applications, Animal Behavior and Introduction to Captive Animal Management. In addition to her teaching, Megan has also been on staff at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in several different capacities for over 19 years. She started as a keeper first in the children's zoo and then moved into a highly varied area, working with species including carnivores, primates, birds, reptiles and marsupials, to name a few. The experience of applying the science of behavior change to such a wide variety of species set her up to have the opportunity to hold CMZ's first Animal Behavior Programs Manager position. In her new role Megan took on overseeing the training and enrichment programs for the entire zoo and helped establish their natural behavior show programs as well as advance the zoo's medical and husbandry training. Outside of her work at the zoo and the college Megan has worked to deepen her skill set through work as a contract trainer for a service dog organization, several consulting opportunities and, most recently joining Susan Friedman's Behavior Works LLC as a consultant and LLA course co-instructor.

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Megan Sanders

Megan Sanders
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